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Critics of A Charlie Brown Christmas

December 19, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

A Charlie Brown Christmas is a staple among Christmas TV specials…but it almost was never seen.

From an interesting read from Neatorama, I learned about how much the CBS execs hated the show. Among their criticism:

  • They didn’t like using children to do the voices of the kids
  • They didn’t like that there would be no laugh track added
  • They didn’t like Linus quoting Scripture
  • They didn’t like composer Vincent Guaraldi’s jazzy soundtrack
  • They didn’t like the final edited version

But in December of 1965, the Special aired and and half of the American TV-owning population watched it.

Since then the Special has received some of the following praise:

  • The children’s voices makes the show sound more authentic
  • The laugh track version has never aired
  • Linus quoting scripture is considered a highlight
  • Vincent Guaraldi’s jazzy soundtrack is one of the most popular Christmas music collections of all-time
  • The final edited version is now the second longest running animated Christmas special

So if you know what you’re doing makes sense and you think your critics are out of touch, don’t listen to them. You might just have a blockbuster idea on your hands.

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