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12 Proposed States That Didn’t Make It.

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I lived in Johnson City, TN for a brief stint. It was there that I drove on a major road named “State of Franklin Blvd”. I always thought it was a strange name for a road. Later I finally understood that the State of Franklin was a proposed name for part of East Tennessee.

Recently I’ve learned that the State of Franklin is not the only proposed state that was denied. In fact, here’s a dozen proposed US States!

  1. Franklin (Northeastern Tennessee) – 2 votes short of becoming an US State
  2. Jefferson (at different times Kansas, Texas, and Northern California/Southern Oregon)
  3. Superior (Northern Michigan) – you know that part of MI that is displaced by Lake Superior?
  4. Delmarva (parts of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia) – a peninsula made up of 3 states
  5.  Absaroka (parts of Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota)
  6. Scott (a county in Tennessee)  – was officially/unofficially a state for 125 years)
  7. Transylvania (parts of Tennessee and Kentucky) – bought illegally from the Cherokee and later rendered void
  8. Desert (parts of Utah and other surrounding states) – petitioned by the Mormons for their own state
  9. Westsylvania (most of West Virginia, parts of Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh), and Kentucky)
  10. Nickajack (parts of Alabama and Tennessee)
  11. Sequoya (part of Oklahoma) – counties given to different Native American tribes
  12. Lincoln (part of Texas, later the panhandle of Idaho


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